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Daniela Garau Art

Sunset Over the Poolbeg Chimneys

Sunset Over the Poolbeg Chimneys

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"Sunset Over the Poolbeg Chimneys" is a detailed oil painting that captures the serene beauty of the aerial view of Dublin's iconic Poolbeg Chimneys against a backdrop of blue sky, pink and blue clouds.

The sky is ablaze with the warm hues of sunset, as the clouds are tinted with soft pinks and blues that gradually deepen into a rich turquoise towards the horizon. The Poolbeg Chimneys, a striking industrial landmark, rise majestically through the clouds.

As the sun starts to dip below the horizon, the sky is set aflame with yellows, casting a warm glow over the entire composition.

The result is a painting that is both a stunning celebration of colour and light, and a poignant tribute to the industrial heritage of Dublin's iconic skyline.

Mounted and framed in white, protected with glass, this painting is ready to hang on the wall. 

Full size 40x50cm

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